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Discover the most subversive way to use the current money system for shaping a new healthier human culture. It starts by healing your relationship with money and using fundraising as a Community building tool and a means for deepening intimacy in relationships.


BOOKING FEE – 55€ (non-refundable in case of cancellation)
ACCOMMODATION – From 25€ to 35€ p/night. Payment on site.
MEALS – 10€ p/day. Payment on site.
WORKSHOP FEE – According the individual balance point of each participant.

Please contact:
Rudolf Lenz info(at)rudolflenz.de

To book your place, please fill up the REGISTRATION FORM

The Workshop

Money is one of the biggest taboos of our times. In a society where we can buy and sell almost anything so much of our life is influenced by our relationship with money itself. Many of us have deep blockages in dealing with money, either in bringing it into our lives or feeling totally uncomfortable using it. This is part of a long history and cultural lineage of dis-balance, scarcity, abuse and suffering.

We will learn how to invite money into our lives and welcome it, how to use it to manifest our deepest dreams that make our hearts sing and make a difference in the world. We will experience how a taboo can be turned into a tool to build more trust and connections with people in our lives.

The workshop will be experiential in the most vivid sense. It is a direct approach and we will practice what we learn right away. It is meant to take us out of our comfort zone and connect us deeply with our inner joy, confidence and power when it comes to money. It is a space where we will care for vulnerability and honor each individual’s learning journey as well as the power of community to support transformation and empowerment.

I invite you to join and break through whatever is holding you back from manifesting those dreams that hold your precious gifts for the World!

For Possibilities Managers.

This workshop is adapted for Possibilities Managers and will involve the PM context and tools to support the work needed for transforming our relationships with money deeply, strongly and responsibly. The learning of the process and tools of Empowered Fundraising will be greatly boosted by using PM to deal with everything that has been holding us back until now.

The course starts the day after the PM Lab in Mallorca in May. To attend you need to have participated at least in a Expand the Box training before (one is being held before the Lab).

Origins of Empowered Fundraising

This workshop is part of the Dragon Dreaming methodology for project design and creation.

The EFR work originates from the work of Kathy Burke, John Croft and others. The empowered fundraising method is both a tool for raising money but on a deeper level it is a healing and rewiring process around our relationship with money and its flow between ourselves and others. The focus is on using wealth to build community, caring for people and planet and reinventing economy from the core outwards.

Course language

The course will be in English, with translation support for German and Spanish if necessary.

Workshop Fee

The Price of the course will be the unique individual Balance Point of each participant. When learning and using Empowered Fundraising we will learn also to detect the ‘right amount’ for different situation.

As part of this learning experience you are invited to commit to pay for the workshop with your personal balance point which you will reveal to yourself during the workshop using tools that you will learn there.

In order to reserve places in the workshop we request payment of the booking fee (55€). Accommodation is between 25€ and 35€ per night (depending on type of apartment and number of people staying together, please contact Rudolf Lenz info(at)rudolflenz.de) plus 10 Euros per day for the meals. We request payment of the space / accommodation and meals fee on site.


DAY1 – Monday the 15th of May

13:00h Lunch together
14:30h Welcoming and setting the frame for the course
15:00h The ‘Money Game’ and the wound around money
16:30h Win-WIn language, the Balance Point and the steps of Empowered Fundraising
20:00h Dinner
21:30h PM work

DAY 2 – Tuesday the 16th of May

07:00h Morning sitting and PM exercise
08:00h Breakfast
09:00h Practicing Consent: saying yes and saying no
10:00h Practicing through Rapid Learning and simulations
12:00h Exploratory space: possibilities for new economics, personal income flows, funding
13:00h Lunch
14:30h Dancing with our Dragons, PM work
17:30h Practicing EFR (Empowered Fund Raising)
19:00h Dinner
20:30h Committing to and starting to use EFR
21:30h PM work and-or Discovery Speaking about money

DAY 3 – Wednesday the 17th of May

07:00h Morning sitting and PM exercise
08:00h Breakfast
09:00h The Balance point for the workshop
10:00h Practicing EFR
12:00h Declaring commitments and asking for support
13:00h Lunch
14:30h Dancing with our Dragons, PM work
17:00h Closing Circle
18:00h Farewell

The Facilitator

Andrei Iuroaia – See more here.
Andrei Iuroaia


May 15
May 17
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