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Permaculture is a creative design process based on whole-systems thinking informed by ethics and design principles.

This approach guides us to mimic the patterns and relationships we can find in nature and can be applied to all aspects of human habitation, from agriculture to ecological building, from appropriate technology to education and even economics.

By adopting the Permaculture ethics and applying its principles in our daily life we can make the transition from being dependent consumers to becoming responsible producers. This journey builds skills and resilience at home and in our local communities that will help us prepare for an uncertain future with less available energy.

Open Heart

Open Heart is a community building program that offers a profound experience on individual and collective level. In a serious and joyful environment, old mental patterns are deconstructed through exercises, group dynamics and games. Old patterns are identified, exposed and brought to the surface to dissipate and make space for the creation of new wiser ones.

Tools such as Forum, Fishbowl, Open Space, World Cafe and Sociocracy 3.0 are used and practiced, creating and encouraging a space of trust and mutual support encouraging the groups to discover the best practices for conflict resolution, organization and decision making. Strong lasting bonds are created, sustained by healthy creative and transparent relationships in the spirit of sharing and cooperation.

Hatha Yoga

Originally from India, the practice of Yoga is a lifestyle that combines health, ethics and spirituality. With a sincere and dedicated practice, it naturally creates the healthy patterns necessary for a happier life. Through a regular and disciplined practice of Asanas, mindful eating, proper breathing, deep relaxation and meditation, Yoga brings more awareness to the body and mind with benefits that are durable and visible throughout life.

Hatha Yoga is a well established practice all over the world, from the Ashrams of the East to the best health clubs of the West. As a regular practice, Yoga keeps the body healthy, a more focused mind and consequently a more realized soul. Yoga is a lifestyle that promotes happiness, inner peace and harmony within ourselves and with others around us.

Sociocracy 3.0

Sociocracy 3.0 offers a reliable framework to tap collective intelligence in order for us to make more conscious and effective decisions together. It facilitates co-creativity, fosters transparency and guarantees the equivalence of all participants.

Sociocracy acts as “social technology” for unlocking ownership, engagement and a sense of purpose while promoting respect, diversity and inclusion.

It’s an invitation to bring greater awareness to the underlying things that motivate us to act.

Dragon Dreaming

With Dragon Dreaming we are able not only to develop new skills. We also may discover new sides to ourselves and deepen our relationship with life.  At the same time Dragon Dreaming strengthens community, helping us to build and sustain teams based on trust and cooperation, in which communication and appreciation are especially valued.

Dragon Dreaming also fosters diversity, creativity and vitality, not only for ourselves and the team but rather for the whole world. Dragon Dreaming creates sustainability.

The Work That Reconnects

Drawing from deep ecology, systems theory and spiritual traditions, the Work That Reconnects (WTR) builds motivation, creativity, courage and solidarity for the transition to a sustainable human culture. First emerging in 1978, this pioneering, open-source body of work has its roots in the teachings and experiential methods of Joanna Macy.

The Work That Reconnects has inspired thousands of people to take heart and work together for the sake of life on Earth, despite rapidly worsening social and ecological conditions.

Evonner's Journey

This learning journey was created for those that are seeking to marry purpose with livelihood.

Change makers and their projects need further support to sustain momentum and motivation in order to create new social enterprises or to become entrepreneurs within the organizations they already belong to. As we start putting into practice the inspiration and skills gained, we inevitably run into the resistance of systems to change.

We need to deepen our understanding about the process of change over time, and learn how to be personally resilient within it, becoming able to embrace challenges and failures alongside the successes.

Empowered Fundraising

Raising funds can be fun and empowering for everyone who is involved in a project. Dragon Dreaming ‘Empowered Fundraising’ approach challenges groups to take their projects seriously and invite others to contribute funds, as a way to further their own social change values and make a difference in the world.

Fundraising is highly important in the modern world in which we live, and in which money is the measure of all value, many projects fail to achieve their potential due to lack of funds. With the proper fundraising approach, there is no need for any project not to happen because of lack of money.

Design for Sustainability

Ecovillage Design Education programs, often referred to as ‘EDEs’, provide students of all ages with the knowledge and practical skills on how to design a society which uses energy and materials with greater efficiency, distributes wealth fairly and strives to eliminate the concept of waste.

Students become change agents and sustainability designers, taking active roles in transitioning their existing communities, institutions and neighborhoods, to more sustainable patterns of production and consumption, as well as leading more joyful, meaningful and healthier lives.