We are a community of entrepreneurs and peculiar facilitators, with embodied transformational journeys, who believe education is a main factor of change.


We dedicate our work to the emergence of a new generation of innovative and inspiring leaders, empowering individuals, communities and organizations to make positive evolutionary change, in service to the Planet.


We envision a new culture where education is accessible to all people and used as an empowering tool for the healing of our world, serving the present and the future generations of all beings.

Learning Journeys

Worldwide formal educational systems aren’t responding effectively in offering transformative learning journeys to the needs emerging from evolutionary impulses of the new generations of humans.

Arise Education brings together several non formal educational programs with a great variety of tools in areas such as personal development, mentoring, ecology, arts, sustainability, governance, decision making, organization and consultancy in order to identify and serve the needs of individuals, communities and organizations towards a more flexible, open, transparent, caring, compassionate, meaningful and conscious culture that cares more about the Planet.