Adina Moise

soon available

Ana Raducanu

soon available

Andrei Iuroaia

deep transformation and unknown alternatives to a more meaningful livelihood honouring the life's potential of the human being

Ceylan Rohrbeck

organizational systems, communication and interactions between living beings

Claudia Gross

soon available

Claudian Dobos

integral and evolutionary purpose, exploring and building on the individual and collective capacity mind-heart-will.

Corina Simon

Being bridges among cultures and beliefs. Activating the individual and collective potential for healing and a balanced life.

Filipa Simoes

Designer, Yoga Teacher, Facilitator for Community Building, Open Heart and The Work That Reconnects

Ionut Badica

Permaculture designer, integrating his knowledge in civil engineering, gardening and biodiversity restauration

Jake Jay-Lewin

systems that are effective and functional while still contributing to the well-being of all elements involved

Marco Steiger

soon available

Marius Blanke

intentional communities, ecovillages and permaculture systems

Matteo Tangi

My purpose is strong and clear: to give back what I learned, supporting individuals, groups and organizations

Mauricio Umann

Permaculture Diplomat, Natural Building and communities practices

Ramona Laich

Re-connection has been my guidance in my exploration journeys around the globe.